• What is the most up-to-date cutting edge research on Cannabis and cancer, pain, inflammation, MS, epilepsy and alzheimer’s?
  • What will legalization look like in each province and municipality across Canada?
  • How do you become a new patient and access your medicine?
  • How can you access clean medicine that has been tested and free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides?
  • What are the latest updates on hemp laws in Canada and the US?
  • Do you currently have a cancer diagnosis and want to know how to use cannabis as part of your treatment?
  • Is there a best method of delivery for gut inflammation, Crohn’s disease, IBS, and other autoimmune conditions
  • Are you concerned you might make the wrong decision in your prevention or treatment strategy?
  • How do you know which medicine product (i.e., cannabis oil, suppositories, topicals, vaping, etc.) is best for your ailment
  • What are the best growing procedures for healthy living soil, bio-dynamic farming, closed-loop systems, and pest management
  • What are the current research and therapeutic updates on MDMA- assisted therapy for PTSD, Psilocybin for depression, end-of-life, and trauma, as well as micro-dosing with Psilocybin and LSD?
  • How can you access greater optimal emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being with Ayahuasca?
  • What are the most important issues to explore and be aware of before entering a plant medicine ceremony with Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Iboga, or Psilocybin?