CHCE16CHCE 2017 Panelists are ready to engage and discuss, debate and respond. Here is a sample of questions for the panelists. Be sure to bring your own as well! And don’t forget to Register after perusing the amazing lineup of presentations!

  • What is the current status of Cannabis laws in Canada?
  • How will these laws change with the new legislature for legalization?
  • What can we learn from the USA legalization initiatives?
  • What is the public health approach to Cannabis legalization?
  • How can Cannabis be de-stigmatized in the mainstream medical community?
  • What is the difference between THC and CBD and what roles do they play in Cancer treatment, epilepsy, pain, inflammation and other medical conditions?
  • Will Canadians be able to grow their own Cannabis?
  • In indoor growing, what drivers create the biggest environmental impacts, and how have growing techniques evolved to reduce greater carbon footprint?

Saturday early afternoon

14:55 – 15:25

Patient Access and Patient Care (Panel)

Jamie Shaw , David Hutchinson (Cannabis Health Consultant), Ian Dawkins (Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada) and Andrea Dobbs (Village Dispensary)
Moderator: David Remillard
MC: Alyse Gabriel

Ian DawkinsJamie Shaw

David Rémillard

Saturday late afternoon

16:05 – 16:35

Cannabis Growing and Cultivation (Panel)

David Bernard Perron (Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation), Susan Sheldon (Temple of the Way of Light)Travis Lane (Internet Dispensary) and Calvin Thomas (White Buffalo Seeds)
Moderator: Selena Wong (Flower of Life Compassion Club Association)
MC: Semir Yusuf (Ganja Yoga)

david pierre

Selena Wong

Selena Wong

16:45 – 17:15

Cannabis-Environmental Sustainability and Protection (Panel)

Anna Owen (Redwood Hemp), Joy Beckerman (Hemp Ace), Jonathan Valdman (Cannabis Conservancy), Travis Lane (Internet Dispensary) and A C Braddock
Moderator: Jeremy Jacob (The Village Dispensary)
MC: Semir Yusuf

Anna C OwenA C Braddock

Jeremy Jacob

Jeremy Jacob

17:25 – 17:55

Cannabis Genetics (Panel)

Philippe Henry, Dr. Mowgli Holmes (Phylos Bioscience), Jonathan Valdman (Cannabis Conservancy) and Calvin Thomas (White Buffalo Seeds)
Moderator: Bianca Rizzo
MC: Semir Yusuf

Bianca Rizzo

Sunday early afternoon

15:00 – 15:30

Cannabis and Pain (Cannabis as an Alternative to Opioid Overuse (Panel)

Dr. Dave Hepburn, Dori Dempster (Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary), Phil Kwong (Holistek) and Cheryl Rose (Haley Rose Foundation)
Moderator: Andrew Gordon (Cannabis Consultant)
MC: Semir Yusuf

Dave Hepburn

Andrew Gordon

Sunday late afternoon

16:10 – 16:40

Hemp Reality – Seed, Grain, Flower and Stalk Uses Plus Industry Updates (Panel)

Anndrea Hermann (Ridge International Cannabis Consulting), Joy Beckerman (Hemp Ace International), Ruth Shamai (Ruth’s Hemp Foods) and Martin A. Lee (Project CBD).
Moderator: Anna C. Owen (Redwood Hemp)
MC: Semir Yusuf

Martin LeeRuth ShamaiAnndrea hermann

Anna C. Owen

16:50 – 17:20

Extraction and Concentrates (Panel)

AC Braddock (Eden Labs), Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson (Freshheadies), Mathew Ellis (Extraction Tech Solutions) and Dr. Andrew Waye (Anandia Labs, UBC)
Moderator: Alison Draisin
MC: Dr. Dave Hepburn

AC Braddock

alison draisin

Alison Draisin