Welcome to the 2018 Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo, taking place on September 28th, 29th and 30th at the prestigious Chan Center and Nest at the University of British Columbia.

Going into its 4th year, the CHCE is a nature-led solution summit, rooted in spirituality and legitimized by science. It’s now the largest and most comprehensive Cannabis conference in Canada – bringing together over 40 speakers, 35 exhibitors, and 6 live workshops for over 700 attendees.

We are at the brink of a pivotal consciousness shift and expansion where individuals are re-awakening through Plant and Fungi Wisdom and Intelligence.

Hence, this year the Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo will be expanding to include the latest research and cutting edge therapeutic treatments for cancer, chronic illness, depression, anxiety and trauma utilizing Cannabis, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin mushrooms, Iboga, MDMA, LSD, and DMT, as well as many other entheogens and psychedelics.

Amidst a health care crisis with increasing cancer rates, chronic pain, prescription opioid overuse/overdoses and harmful side-effects of pharmaceuticals, it is pivotal that we explore and invest in alternative healing with plant medicines based on thousands of years of benefit in ethnopharmacology.

As Canada enters legalization on a national front, other global leaders are reforming archaic drug laws to include Cannabis in a larger framework of holistic health and healing.

In order for us to move forward in our evolution and find solutions for our current humanitarian and environmental crisis, we need to re-establish a supportive relationship with each other and our planet.

Because a human species that is going to evolve cannot be sick.

we have to have the humility to see nature as our guardian and guide-knowing that we are not separate from the Earth.

Are we going to make it through this passage?

Join us on September 28-30th to be part of this journey, as we each step into our greater empowerment of health, peace and enlightenment.




“Chris and I had the extreme pleasure of attending our very first Cannabis & Hemp Conference and Expo last July 2016 in Vancouver. … All the guest speakers, including scientists, doctors, growers, and many in the business of Cannabis were extremely interesting! The trade show portion offered an opportunity to see the wide range of products and services available in this fast advancing industry as well as an opportunity to network! The 2017 Conference is well worth attending for anyone with a vested interest or just a minor interest in Cannabis as medicine or for recreational use.”

Chris and Elaine Nuessler

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