CHCE 2017 is the largest Cannabis Conference in Canada. You will be with over 1,000 expected attendees visiting the 60+ exhibit booth Expo and participating in two days of scientific presentations and panel discussions.

Expanding from CHCE 2016, continue the dialogue with us and further understand the benefits of Cannabis for Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Insomnia, Crohn’s Disease, Anxiety and Depression, Skin Care, as well as overall Health and Wellness.

Our Program at a Glance provides an overview of the jam-packed program over the two days. You can wander from the Expo to a Workshop to a Panel or Presentation, then back to the Expo, taking breaks to enjoy UBC throughout the day, or plan a purposeful schedule that maximises your two days of Conference and Expo. Be sure to visit the Expo page to see the expansive list of Exhibitors and Sponsors.

Register today to immerse yourself in two days of exceptional learning and empowerment about the benefits of Cannabis

CHCE 2016

“Chris and I had the extreme pleasure of attending our very first Cannabis & Hemp Conference and Expo last July 2016 in Vancouver. … All the guest speakers, including scientists, doctors, growers, and many in the business of Cannabis were extremely interesting! The trade show portion offered an opportunity to see the wide range of products and services available in this fast advancing industry as well as an opportunity to network! The 2017 Conference is well worth attending for anyone with a vested interest or just a minor interest in Cannabis as medicine or for recreational use.”

Chris and Elaine Nuessler

Kyla’s Quest: Medical Cannabis for Sick Kids