Jennifer Larry is Founder and President of Montreal-based CBD Strategy Group; a brand strategy, commercial marketing and communications firm helping cannabis brands thrive inside the box of regulation. As a passionate advocate for cannabis and a believer in all things righteous, Jenn focuses on the science of cannabis as it continues to grow across both vice and medicine. Her own personal medical condition along with her passion for regulated communications and wellness are what led her to join the cannabis industry in 2016.

Over the past 19 years, Jenn has worked with national and international companies, across emerging and regulated sectors including: Music, Online Gambling, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Payments, Technology, and Consumer Packaged Goods. Her experience has allowed her to successfully create and execute trade, consumer, investor, and business strategies in markets and categories that are in states of disruption, and ban traditional marketing and branding.

Ms. Larry is well known for her ability to forecast trends, and leverage business intelligence to lead change across organizations. Her inclusive style and belief that all things are interconnected has enabled her to develop new ways of working that help brands create strong cultures and bottom lines.

As both a public speaker and media contributor, Jenn currently works with the cannabis industry across North America helping to bring Canadian-driven, fact-based, regulated perspectives to the masses.

In her free time, Jenn loves to be in nature, listen to music, read about science, volunteer, enjoy the ride and be an auntie to some amazing little kids.