Ian Dawkins

2016 Cannabis Conference


As the President of the newly-amalgamated Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada (CCAC), Ian Dawkins is dedicated to ensuring small and medium-sized cannabis businesses are able to participate in a free and fair legal cannabis marketplace. With an extensive background in government relations and small business policy, Dawkins believes that the time has come to treat the cannabis sector like the dynamic, exciting economic opportunity that it is.

As the co-founder of the Cannabis Retailers, Growers, and Distributors Association (CARDAGAN), and first Executive Director of the Cannabis Growers of Canada (CGC), Dawkins has made it his priority to organize and engage the cannabis business community as a grassroots level. Before founding CARDAGAN and merging with the CGC, Dawkins worked extensively in government relations and strategic communications, including working for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, and other high-profile organizations. Fluently tri-lingual in English, French and Mandarin, he graduated from Bard College in New York with a degree in political studies and a minor in Mandarin studies.