Chris Loriault was brought up to believe cannabis was bad, a gateway drug and always stayed away from it. Then just over 5 years ago my wife if 18 years got Cervical cancer, when we found out she only had 6 weeks left. I started Researching on the internet for anything that could help her. I learned about cannabis oil, with help from a sweet lady Cortie Yelland. I got put in touch with some oil makers. I kept her alive for over a year, we had ups and downs.

Unfortunately do to the costs involved I wasn’t able to give her enough to keep her pain free and had to use pharma. The Doctor switched her to a drug called fentynal, she suffered all 32 possible allergic Reactions and died in 3 days. It was pharma that killed her and not the Cancer.

Shortly before my wife’s death I promised her I’d find away to help other family’s not have to go through what we did. I had no idea how but I’d find away. Originally I thought about making oil but my location prevented me from cooking outside and I didn’t know any safe way of making it indoors.

I wanted to find something that I could safely make indoors, ingrediants thst could be found anywhere and to keep costs down.

Then I heard about cannabis paste a very simple recipe coconut oil or veg glycerin and cannabis. I wanted to see if I could improve that, I started researching several herbs, veg, fruits seeing what could have an impact. On pain, inflammation, sleep, nutrition and of course cancer. So I worked on my recipe for 6 months And started helping folks with cancer and other issues.