Charles Holmes

2016 Cannabis Conference


Charles grew up in a hard working, blue-collar family in Winnipeg, where he was an honour student, president of his class and an accomplished athlete. Working alongside his father, Charles discovered his love for entrepreneurship. Together they developed property, created hydroponic greenhouses and went on to focus on the health industry at large. Motivated by failing health and the desire to regain it, Charles set out to discover the ultimate vegan protein source for humans – and he found it in the mighty hemp seed. 15 years pioneering the hemp seed food industry finally resulted vertically integrated Hempco and several innovative processing and product firsts such as: hemp protein powder, hemp protein concentrate, along with newly launched PLANETHEMP retail line of gourmet hemp food products. Charles teaches and speaks on health and wellness, and he and his wife and family are working to take Hempco (and now PLANETHEMP®) global.