Sunshine Coast native Amber Richards’ movement into the Cannabis industry felt like a natural transition after spending nearly 10 years working with other plant medicines and sacred herbs.

Initially, intensive training under a Bwiti shaman led her to work with a Central West African root called Iboga. In 2013, she journeyed to Gabon, Africa and underwent a Full Initiation into the Bwiti tradition, involving the ingestion of Iboga. She is also among the second group of Western women in the world to complete a Bwiti Rites of Passage. These experiences deepened her relationship with Iboga and with herself. Amber opened an Iboga retreat centre three and a half years ago, and has since facilitated healing medicine journeys for many.

While Iboga guided her into the world of plant medicine, Amber was inspired to move into Cannabis work after witnessing the miraculous benefits her mother received from it while fighting cancer.

Once tuned to the healing capabilities of Cannabis in humans, Amber drew inspiration to move into the realm of animals. Having grown up on a farm, she nurtured a deep love for furry friends at an early age.

Amber’s senior dog Osa began to experience pain at age eight. On a recommendation, Amber and partner Corey tried giving her CBD. In less then a week, she was pain-free and behaving like a pup again.

Seeing how effective the treatment was for animals, Amber recognized a need for quality, plant-based, lab-tested CBD pet products. She combined her passion and trust in the plant medicines with her entrepreneurial skills and co-founded Creating Brighter Days.