The Soul of British ColumbiaLiving and working in Vancouver and in British Columbia is remarkable for so many reasons. The natural scenery of the mountains, rain forests, rivers, waterfalls, ocean and beaches continue to take our breaths away and then there is the arts and culture, live music, the myriad of ethnic restaurants, including amazing sushi and Thai places, as well as funky coffee shops… but it is also the people, those who live here and those passing through, who make me pause and appreciate.

Barbara Harris (Whitfield) is one of those people. Barbara and her husband Dr. Charles Whitfield were presenters at the 2016 CHCE and upon returning to their home in Atlanta, Georgia, Barbara wrote a wonderful article about her experience of the CHCE and Vancouver (scroll down to read the article below).

I was honored to be able to spend time with her and her husband, Dr. Charles Whitfield. Dr. Charles Whitfield is a psychiatrist, in private practice in Atlanta, Gerorgia, and supports patients with cannabidiol (CBD) for opiate (pain-killer) and other drug withdrawls, anxiety, stress and sleep. Between the two of them, Barbara and Charlie have written over 25 books including: The Secrets of Medicinal Marijuana: A Guide for Patients and Those Who Care for Them, Spiritual Awakenings, Healing the Child Within, My Recovery-A Personal Plan to Healing, The Power of Humility: Choosing Peace Over Conflict in Relationships, and Final Passage: As this Life Ends.

Barbara says her job title is “Consciousness Researcher, Therapist and Author.” You know someone with a job title like that will have interesting things to say! Here is her short bio:

Barbara Harris is a consciousness researcher, therapist and author and co-author of 10 books on healing from repeated trauma, the emotional needs of critical care patients and integrating spiritual experiences. She spent six years at the University of Connecticut Medical School researching the after effects of people who had near-death experiences. She taught about these after effects at Rutgers University’s Institute for Alcohol and Drug Studies calling her classes “When the 12th Step Happens First.” She is in private practice in Atlanta Georgia doing group and individual psychotherapy for adults that were repeatedly traumatized as children.

I want to share an article Barbara wrote entitled “The Soul of British Columbia” featured in CANNabis Media Group Magazine on July 18, 2016.

Barbara spoke about CHCE 2016 in such a wonderful way and fully encapsulated the event. Her comments such as “No frills promised – just the science, love, respect and promotion of a plant that has been a healing part of mankind for millennia” and “We were treated like royalty – not your pretentious uppity royalty – but like elders in this tribe I am about to try to explain” make me smile.

Her comments about CHCE 2016 and her appreciation of what we have in BC was very touching and inspired me to share her article:

Charlie and I keep trying to compare BC to our experience of Findhorn, Scotland. The humorous part is that the two places couldn’t be further apart, or “unlike,” visually opposite. But what Findhorn is to Scotland – Vancouver and perhaps all of BC is to Canada. It took us a while to figure it out but we did. What they both do is Mirror the Soul of their land, it’s people and visitors.

One of her conclusions about Vancouver further captures the paradise that we live in and the responsibility for stewardship that comes with the amazing natural bounty that we are gifted with:

So here is the Soul of BC. The soul is real, green – organic, conscious and in communion with the whole cannabis plant that we invite into our being to be part of this communion with self, others and God.

I hope you enjoy Barbara’s article and that it gives you an idea of what to expect at CHCE 2017, but that it also makes you excited to attend and look forward to all the great learning, experiencing and connecting that will take place at the Conference and Expo!

Salimeh TabriziThanks for sharing Barbara!
Salimeh Tabrizi
Conference Founder and Chair, Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo 2017

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