Semir Yusuf

2016 Cannabis Conference


Semir’s introduction to yoga and cannabis occurred simultaneously in Toronto by one of Canada’s Ganja Yoga pioneers, Lu Pancini, in 2012. Semir completed his teacher training in 2015 at The House of Yoga in Toronto, Canada. This powerful combination showed him the reality of his body and mind’s state and with dedicated practice, he experienced the restorative and preventative health benefits of Yoga. Cannabis heightened the experience by expanding his interest into the philosophical and spiritual realms of the field, as well as allowing him to feel further connected to his body. Semir taught Ganja Yoga at Cannabis Culture Lounge from February 2015-2016, before moving to the Sunshine Coast. He enjoys teaching others how to consciously incorporate cannabis into an active Hatha Yoga and grounding mindfulness meditation practice. He welcomes his students to incorporate the ancient wisdoms of the East into their contemporary lives in the West uniting the mind, body and spirit.