Selena Wong

2016 Cannabis Conference


Selena Wong has been a long time advocate for conscious cannabis cultivation, and is dedicated to nurturing the intimate, sacred relationship between Cannabis, grower, medicine maker, and consumer. Selena is living history, integrating ancient cultivation techniques & relational insights with Cannabis as a Sacred Plant Medicine in these modern times. As an outdoor cannabis grower, Selena has spent years developing a strong and healthy relationship with Cannabis, communing with nature and learning all she can, each cycle, from the master teachers that grow in her garden. She encourages others to navigate this booming industry with integrity, honor, and respect for this sacred and revered plant, as the quality and efficacy of the medicine produced is a direct reflection of the relationship between cannabis and humanity. Selena Wong is co-founder and President of The Flower of Life Compassion Club Society, a medicinal cannabis apothecary dedicated to sustainable, locally sourced, conscious cannabis cultivation, medicine making, and distribution. The Flower of Life Compassion Club Society offers an integrative, individualized, health-centered approach to healing, complimenting allopathic care with mind-body medicine, herbalism, homeopathy, nutrition, mindfulness, counselling, and community support. Selena is a Cannabis Consultant and is currently studying Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine at The Medical Cannabis Institute.