Alyse Gabriel

2016 Cannabis Conference


Ruth Shamai is one of Canada’s hemp pioneers, who started working with hemp in the early 1990s. Ruth was active in the movement that helped legalize industrial hemp in Canada, which they achieved in 1998.

In Ruth’s words, “Hemp is a plant that can have tremendous benefits for our farmers, our environment, our economy – and our personal health.”

As Ruth points out, “I’ve always been interested in healthy foods. When my research identified the significant nutritional benefits of the hemp seed, I knew I’d found my calling!” Ruth’s Hemp Foods, Inc. began in 1998, as a values based line, the primary value being GMO free. Ruth’s manufactured an extensive line of hemp-based foods available, distributed throughout Canada and the United States. Ruth sold the company in 2013.

Since then, Ruth has maintained a profile in the hemp and cannabis industries, and also consulted to help bring more brands to market.