Philip Kwong

2016 Cannabis Conference


Philip Kwong is a 26 year old entrepreneur and one of the owners of Acquire Mobile Solutions. At the age of 23 Philip ran his first business: a bowling alley with a connecting restaurant. It was during this time that Philip lost his vision in his right eye. Soon after, he lost partial vision in his left eye. Eventually, Philip was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS). He began pharmaceutical treatment; but with no obvious improvement in his condition Philip began to explore the medical use of cannabis concentrates, hoping to find an alternative treatment that would give him reprieve from the advancing symptoms of MS. Today, Philip has most of the sight back in his right eye and some in his left.

He is one of the founders of a start-up called Holistek which seeks to develop clean, medically tested concentrates for treatment of MS and other patients. Holistek, is primarily focused on building a network of relationships with the view to expanding current thought on the creation and development of viable new products and natural alternatives to Pharmaceutical treatment of MS.