Paula Doyle-Weigel

2016 Cannabis Conference


Paula is living her life on Purpose every minute of everyday. Paula has “woke up” to why she is here and her role in this lifetime. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2012, Paula chose a path that would require research, determination and surrender. She has done many modalities in order to support her body, mind and soul into full healing. Paula’s philosophy on healing any disease is to plunge deep into the dark, into yourself in order to find the answers and the light. When the emotional and spiritual heals the physical will follow, if you are supposed to be here at this time. Paula’s work now entails using her nursing, coaching, nutrition and personal experiences to assist others in healing themselves at a cellular level. Paula can be found working at the Medical Cannabis Clinic her and her husband opened in their city, spiritual/life coaching, energy work, yoga, breath work, sound therapy, hanging out with her grandchildren and travelling the world with her other. To contact Paula