Corrie Yelland

Corrie Yelland


Corrie Yelland used cannabis oil extract to cure herself of rare forms of cancer. She was diagnosed in July 2011 with Anal Cancer and was given 2-4 months to live if she did not do radiation. The doctor told her she had a “death wish”, that she was going to die and walked out.

So she made and started taking Cannabis Oil and waited a year to go back to doctor, and then was told she was cancer free. Subsequent biopsies confirmed no trace of cancer.

She said to herself if this worked, she would spend the rest of her life telling people about this. Which is what she does. She receives thousands of emails and speaks with hundreds of people a week from around the world. She has played a part in saving well over 1000 lives worldwide and those are just the ones she is aware of as many people don’t get back to her, and then she will hear through the grapevine they are cancer free.

The youngest person she has had the pleasure of seeing through to cancer free was 2 months old. The eldest was 86. As well as continuing to do this work, 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, she does a podcast, with her co host Ian Jessop, called Cannabis Health Radio 5 days a week, interviewing patients who have used cannabis to cure or assist in their various health conditions, as well as experts in the field.