Cheryl Rose

2016 Cannabis Conference


Cheryl Rose is the mother of Hayley Rose, Canada’s first legal under age MMAR patient in 2008. As a co-founder of the Hayley Rose Foundation, she advocates for patients in need of fair access. Cheryl has been instrumental in some amazing transformations within the medical field regarding, protocols and training for the administration of cannabis with Vancouver Coastal Health, public school boards, out reach programs, care homes and hospitals. Utilizing personal experiences with Hayley and other patients, Cheryl has created methodologies to assist patients and doctors in finding individual cannabis regimes for children and adults with epilepsy. While staying connected within the community, The Hayley Rose Foundation is the first cannabis organization to be awarded by a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Vancouver and Keep Vancouver Spectacular for their efforts in helping keep the community clean for the last 2 consecutive years.