Bruce Taylor

2016 Cannabis Conference


Bruce Taylor resides on Cortes Island and is currently being of service to others through acting as a spiritual guide.  A spiritual guide is one who has connected to his or her own inner guide and can support others in connecting to their own inner guide.  He offers one on one guidance, facilitated discussions, and awareness retreats. Bruce lived in a Tibetan Bon monastery in India where he studied under a Dzogchen master and has combined what he learned there with Peruvian shamanism and Zen principles to create a program for awakening people from the western mind.  The program is called ‘The Way Home’ and it provides people with guidance in both remembering the essence of who they truly are and removing the barriers inside themselves to being love. He has also been gifted with a vision of how communities of the future are going to be formed.  This vision is one that has been received by many people all over the world.  His passion is to guide and support people in becoming a part of creating those communities and thereby heralding a golden age for humanity.